Chobe National Park


A place for unrivalled elephant sightings and serene boat cruises along the mighty Chobe River.

In the Chobe district of Botswana lies the impressively large Chobe National Park, Botswana’s third largest national park. This ecologically diverse park is home to one of the greatest concentration of game in all of Africa. Its name sake – the Chobe River runs through the north of the park and offers a year round flow of water to the area, resulting in some of the most prolific wildlife sightings. During the dry winter season (May-September) most water sources in the area dry up, leaving wildlife flocking by the thousands to the bountiful Chobe River as their life source. Expect colossal herds of elephant and buffalo, many water dwelling wildlife such as hippo and crocodile, hordes of antelope and sizeable prides of lion, amongst absolutely sensational birdlife.