East London

South Africa

East London is a charming coastal city on the eastern coast of South Africa, steeped in history, filled with character and home to the oldest fossilized footprints in the world. While the footprints date back to around 200 000 years ago, the historic city was established in the 1800’s when the Khoisan people were pushed out of the area by white settlers. A British fort was built in 1847 to supply the ongoing war between the native Xhosa inhabitants and the European settlers who arrived to claim the land. A port was subsequently built in 1870 and is still running today, it is South Africa’s only river port.

These days, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean kiss the shores of this laid-back city with a moderate sub-tropical climate, incredible beaches and friendly residents. Cricket is a major attraction and many of South Africa’s cricketing legends were born in East London. Home to a cultural fusion of fascinating people, East London is an appealing and energetic city with much to offer.