Kapama Game Reserve

South Africa

Paradise found? In this secluded safari garden of Eden, there are no street lights to distract, no tall buildings and no crowds… here, herds of buffalo, elephant, zebra and antelope set the pace on safari and establishing a connection with nature is the absolute hero.

Kapama is a sprawling 13,000-hectare wilderness reserve that is bordered by South Africa’s most iconic national park, Kruger National Park, to the east and offers up prime Big Five viewings. Don’t let the humble nature of the staff fool you, Kapama is one of South Africa’s top privately-owned reserves and is world-famous for the high density of its big game. In this place, riverine forest, savannah and the mixed woodland (that’s so typical of the Lowveld) dominate the immediate landscape. In the distance, the Drakensberg Mountains add a touch of drama to the postcard-perfect picture.

Modern luxury is juxtaposed with Old-Africa traditions in a heady blend that is 100% five-star safari. The name, Kapama, comes from a former Swazi King and like its namesake, the Kapama Private Game Reserve is proud, respected and fierce. Since it was claimed as a private reserve back in 1993, Kapama’s owners have vowed to uphold strong conservation principles – their game relocation programme has seen the introduction of elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, giraffe and vast herds of wildebeest, kudu and other antelope to the area, which makes for prime game viewing. The park is home to over 40 different mammals, including Africa’s iconic Big Five – lions, leopards, rhinoceros, cape buffalo and elephant – and more than 350 species of bird.

The dry season in Kapama, from May to September, is the best time for wildlife watching and August is the time for absolute prime viewing. The wet season from October to April sees a green blush on the reserve as the verdant landscape returns to full form and frisky newborns arrive. It’s the perfect backdrop to spot flashes of gold amongst the green as the Kings of the Jungle prowl around the reserve.