Cape Agulhas

South Africa

Whilst many will have you believe that Cape Point is the spot where the Atlantic collides with the Indian Ocean, it’s actually Cape Agulhas (in the Overberg region) that holds the honour. Here, at Africa’s southernmost point, the warm Agulhas current that flows along the east of the continent meets the colder Benguela current of the Atlantic and turns back on itself. 

Whilst eagle-eyed visitors look for a discernable difference between the two oceans – some say the Indian Ocean is slightly greener – most tourists will make the pilgrimage to the official plaque and take the requisite photo.

The surrounding fynbos, lighthouse and nearby shipwreck add to the atmosphere, but dusk turns on the best show of all as the sun dips below the horizon and floods the sky with pink and purple. Cabo das Agulhas (Cape of Needles) was named by Portuguese seafarers after noticing the direction of magnetic north on their compass needles coincided with true north in the region. Whilst the scenery isn’t as dramatic as the Cape of Good Hope, the seafood is second to none so be sure to sample it whilst in the region.